how openVPN uses NDIS API on linux

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    Hi all,

    I'm working on openVPN. I need to use openVPN means building , installing openVPN on linux. Well, I have builded and installed openVPN on windows. Now, i need to do it on linux too.

    I want to know like openVPN driver's code of tap-win32 uses NDIS API for registering and loading TAP driver and does lots more.

    So, i want to know whether NDIS API is also used in linux also to load TAP interface in linux.
    I have builded and installed openVPN on linux also. And "ifconfig" command also shows "tap0" interface of openVPN on my system.

    But here, i dont know whether NDIS API is used or not.
    I read on webpages about NDIS on linux. There, It is specified that NDIS is used on linux for installing windows wireless drivers on linux.

    openVPN code for tap driver uses NDIS functions to register tap driver on system. But, on linux, how openVPN uses NDIS is the question i 'm looking for?
    My linux machine doesnt have NDIS, so how openVPN is using NDIS functions when openVPN is run prperly on my linux machine.

    So, please help me to find out implementation of openVPN on linux regarding NDIS usage.

    At last, i also want to confirm whether the driver's code of openVPN is same for windows and linux or not..

    Please help.

    Thanking you,

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