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  1. Poliman

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    I have opened Sites -> Website and click the clip near specific domain. After this domain opened in new tab with /stats i.e. There also appear window "Members Only" and I need to pass username and password. I tried put to form username and password of the user which account is related with this domain. Unfortunately I have got error 500. I checked the logs and there is:
    [Wed Sep 26 13:55:03.799963 2018] [authn_file:error] [pid 11559] (2)No such file or directory: [client] AH01620: Could not open password file: /var/www/clients/client73/web155/web/stats/.htpasswd_stats
    and yes, in path specific above I don't have any .htpasswd_stats file but (I think) it should be create automatically or something. ;) Can anybody help with this?

    Some websites open this same content under /stats which is on main domain name.
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  2. till

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    Seems as if you missed to set a stats password for this domain on the statistics tab of the website and the stats username is always 'admin' as shown on the statistics tab.
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    Thank you for reply. I am going to check statistics tab but I have some domains where /stats works and I didn't create any .htpasswd file. ;) Btw do you know what means "hits 206" on attached screen? Just "Hits" provide information about how many times somebody clicked/reached specific file but I have no idea what is "hits 206". :D

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  4. till

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    Please reread my post, I nowhere said that you shall create a .htpasswd file. Go to the statistics tab and set a password for statistics access.
  5. Poliman

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    Yes, I know. I don't think that you advice me to create .htpasswd file. I am just curious why this file exists for this specific domain but not for others. And I am affraid I don't know what are hits and hits 206 also, because is it possible to click to download specific file 1458 times for this month?
  6. till

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    To authenticate yourself for whatever service on whatever operating system, you must set a password first because, without a password, you cannot authenticate yourself with that non-existing password. Logical so far? So when you do not set a password, then no authentication file can be written to authenticate yourself with that password and therefore, the .htpasswd file must be missing.

    And in regard to the statistics, why I'm able to enter this "awstats 206 hits" at google and click on the first result and you're not?
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