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    Hi Guys
    Also having installed ISPconfig3 on ubuntu server 10.10 Everything works fine including PHPMyadmin on its own. The problem I have is when a database is created within ISPConfig3 the database does get created but the new USER and PASSWORD does not get added in PHPMyadmin therefore they cannot log in. However If i log in to PHPMyadmin as root user I can see all the created databases, When examining the user tabel in the MySQL database the user from ISPConfig is NOT there.

    Any ideas please on this one would be most appreciated

    By the way I can create any user or database in PHPMyadmin for any site and that works fine. I can also create any database for any website in ISPConfig3 this issue is as stated above ISPConfig3 does not add the user to the user table

    Also the url that ISPConfig goes to for PHPMyadmin has allways been the correct one
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    This problem is not phpmyadmin related, as database users dont get added to phpmyadmin because phpmyadmin has no user database. All user data is stored in the mysql user table and phpmyadmin uses the mysql user table to authenticate users.

    Please post a screenshot of the users that are in the mysql user table (without passwords of course).
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    My Mistake

    My mistake sorry. I meant the user table in the MySql Database. However I have since restarted the system and the user is indeed now in the table and can log in as can any other I add.

    Obviously a clitch after the install.

    Many thanks for the response though.

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