How much can ISPConfig Handle?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bswinnerton, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. bswinnerton

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    Hey everybody,

    I currently run a web hosting and design business and with the more customers I get the more worried that I get. After how many websites should I start to get worried?

    Now I know that there are a lot of different variables like how much each website is consuming for bandwidth and things like that. Right now I run ISPConfig on a VM with VMWare, my host machine has a core2duo and 4gigs of ram.

    But i guess what my question is, when should I start thinking of making a new server? How many websites do you as end users have on a server?

    Thanks guys!
  2. till

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    Which vmware product do you use? In case you use the free vmware server, then this is the problematic point of your setup as the free vmware server is really slow and has especially problems to handle a high IO load.

    It is not easy to say how many sites can be run on a server. Generally ISPConfig is in most cases not the bottleneck as the sites are run on apache, postfix etc. and not on ISPConfig.

    I know ISPConfig servers with about 250 webites which run on a moderate load and other servers with 2-5 sites with high load as they server many pages per day or have plenty of mail users.

    If you want to optimize your setup, run ispconfig on native hardware and not within vmware. You might be able see a speedup of 2-5 times or even more.
  3. bswinnerton

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    Well to be honest I'm very pleased with ISPConfig, I wasn't complaining to say the least. I was just wondering when I should start to get worried. It is very re-assuring to hear some of the loads that It can handle.

    I do understand that ISPConfig isn't the bottleneck, I just meant in terms of people that use ISPConfig, about how many websites does it take for you to start to see a difference.

    I have thought about running it natively, but it just doesn't quite fit my business's needs. I like virtulization because it offers me less of an energy consumption, and better managability of a few computers. Something to try out soon though would be a base installation of Microsoft Server 2008 with their Hyper-V Technology, that way there would be virtually nothing to the host and most everything would be native (Well almost).

    So how many websites does everyone else have on their servers?

    P.S. Sorry, this thread doesn't really belong here, its more of just small talk then anythin else. Moderators you can move this if you please.
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  4. falko

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    I have more than 50 web sites on my ISPConfig server, and it's working great! :)
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