How much bandwidth? T1 or bigger pipes?

Discussion in 'General' started by centosarus, Jun 11, 2009.

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    I have setup ISPConfig3 on Centos 5.3 per the Perfect Server tutorials by the great Falko. I am assuming most people (if not all) using ISPConfig are hosting their own sites and their clients'. My question is how much bandwidth is suggested for this type of operation. Could someone give me some pointers? Could some share with us, without having to give too many details (but they could if they want to), the type of setup they have? What has or hasn't worked for you?

    As always, I would really appreciate any type of help in this area. It would benefit a lot of us who are just starting up.

    Forgive me if this isn't the right forum for this request. I could not find any other place for it.


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    I guess that you want to run a server from home.

    Runing a server from home sounds like fun, but if you add everything together (fast internet connection contract + power use), you WILL be cheaper puting your server at a data center.
    The nice things about having your server(s) at a DC, is that you will have (a) no problem with up and download speed. (b) extra IP's, (c) you can tell all your friends that you have your server at a DC with all the other big boys.

    Where I live, you can get server rack space in a DC for arround $30 with 5 IP's and 300GB of data use per month.
    Only "bad" thing is that the server needs to be a 1U format (size), and not use tomuch power (as in amps)

    I started with my server at home on a fiber connection 30 Mb/s (up/down), and this did work, but again after the electicity bill came in I moved the server to a DC.

    I now have 5 servers in this DC, and they each doing about 400GB per month.
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    When you host your own sites, there is no problem if they are out for some time, but when you bill someone diferent story, you nedd UPS, power plant, servers with redundant ps, etc. we used to have 8 servers for mail exchange, apps, ispconfig, etc. with all that stuff, also we had a couple of E1 (2048 mbits each), at the end we moved to a couple of hosted servers for about $90 usd each (including the servers) in a big datacenter and installed VMware server on both and we have all our old server virtualized. much more cheaper this way

    but if you want to have your server at your office or home I would recomend starting with at least a T1 sync connection

    Good luck
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    Thanks guys for your valuable input. Perhaps I should have asked this question before I ordered my T-1 circuit. Now I am stuck with them for 3 years. Oh well, I'll make the best of it. I am sure I'll get some valuable experience by doing my own hosting. It sure will be pricey, but in the end, I think it will be worth it. Thanks again.
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    Excuse me but how fast what is a T1 connection in MBits ?

    I installed a server @ home yesterday and I'm on 100/100 Optic Fiber (12MB/s 4GB takes me about 4/5 mins)

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but i couldn't find any concrete answer on T1/T3 OC line connection speeds.
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