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Discussion in 'General' started by misterm, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. misterm

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    Hello everyone, I install ispconfig 3 yesterday, is that I'm on my peak areas on my server, is the worry is that nothing but nothing works, I do not know if Till or Falko will see that, but I am disappointed to drive this result, because it does not have to wait eight hours for that to work, because with version 2, half an hour I had to make the domain point directly to the server, I'll try with the Email MyDNS version is, if it works not there a serious problem with your development, because version 3, enables operation at 95% with component Zarafa.

  2. till

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    Installing ispconfig 3 takes only about half of the time of installing ispconfig 2. It is much easier to install then ispconfig 2 and works very reliably. You must have made some serious installation mistakes when it took that long for you. I guess you might have used a incompatible setup like the perfect server for ispconfig 2 which can not work for ispconfig 3 or you tried to update a ispconfig 2 server to ispconfig 3 which will not work too as ispconfig 2 and 3 have different system requirements.

    If you want to install ispconfig 3, take a empty server and install it as described in the perfect server guide for ispconfig 3 /and not the one for ispconfig 2!).
  3. misterm

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    Till, I just installed the version with MyDNS, is it running normally, you give me an explanation for the fact that not rotate with bind?
    Does bind directly install, pause not a huge problem?
    Does ISPConfig 3 is correct for a 64-bit server?
    I continue to believe that the solution can work with such MyDNS dedicated server, other servers are other configurations.
    In any case, it is a worry as well ...
    Till good day:confused::confused::mad:
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