How I saved my RoundCube users emails

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    Hers how I backup RoundCube Mail Data Base:

    If your planning to build a new ispconfig3 server for whatever reason and you need to get your roundcube emails back for your users heres one way I did it. I know there are probably many other or even better ways to do this but this is fast and works great for me.

    You will still need to setup RoundCube of course on the webserver to host the webmail account
    but this will ensure after you do that you will get your emails and settings back for the
    accounts in roundcube. you will also need to setup the email users and domain in ISPConfig3
    again unless you export those settings as well from dbispconfig but thats another story.


    1. Login to

    2. Select RoundCube data base to be exported.

    3. Select "Export" tab.

    4. Click on "GO" at the bottom to export the data base.

    5. Save to your computers local hard drive.

    Make sure you save as .SQL and do not change or modify the default options.


    How to restore RoundCube Mail DB:

    1. Create domain & user on ISPConfig3 server for the email users of this RoundCube database.

    2. Login to

    3. Create new database

    4. Select the data base.

    5. Select "Import" tab.

    6. Browse to the data base you backed up mydomain.SQL on your computers local hard drive.

    7. Click "GO" at the bottom to import the data base.
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    I think you back up the configuration on your roundcube.. i have done it also. My question is: How to backup the emails of all my users in the roundcube? which directory should i copy?

    I am just new to roundcube mail..

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