How I can make link between phplist and different postfix instances

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    Please I have install multiple instances of phplist and postfix in my linux server but I still don't know how to link phplist with different postfix instances, I want to send 500000 Emails everyday with same IPs in the same time but in 3 different instances 1 for hotmail, yahoo and aol, can you help please?

    Thanks for Help
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    What do you mean with instances? Does it make sense if they are all using the same IP?
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    Now I need a full day to send 500000 emails by phplist and postfix like MTA, I send hotmail fist then aol and yahoo, and each time I have to change all the configuration to be inbox, I mean I send hotmail yahoo and aol by different ways, for that and for shorten the time I read about multiple instances in postfix and phplist, I create 3 instances of phplist and 3 of postfix, I can send my Emails by the original one phplist--postfix but I can't make connexion between the phplist1 and postfix1 and the same problem between phplist2 and postfix1.
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    Thanks I find some news informations in these links
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    Phplist with multiple postfix instances

    Please I have a problem like this,
    I have one phplist instance and 4 postix instances(because I need to use the 4 IPs I have in my server)

    So please Please how can I link the phplist instance to the 4 postfix instances?

    I need this because I want to have a possibility to change the Ip before I send an email list.

    Thank you for the help

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