How does web aliasdomain work?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by korbynn, Dec 12, 2009.

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    I have 3 domains .com .net and .ca. root domain is .com.
    Trying to point the other domains using the web aliasdomain.
    domain: .net
    parent: .com
    redirect type: no redirect, no flag, R, L, and R,L
    documention on types would be really nice.

    .com now points to Apache 2 test page.
    .net now points to Apache 2 test page.
    .ca waiting for the dns entries to change.

    domain is

    This worked under ispconfig 2 but moving to ispconfig 3
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    The same works under ispconfig 3 as well. The aliasdomain feature offers the eaxct same function then the co-domain under ispconfig 2. You dont have to actiacte a redirect or select a redirect type if the aliasdomain shall point to the same directory then the main domain.
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    Thank you.

    Here is the problem.

    I have 3 domains.

    I have also created a dummy with no DNS entries. This seems to catch any errors that it have created.

    I had as my primary domain.
    Navigating to displays the page
    all others go to the same page.

    I modified the site to designedarts.zzz and aliasdomain'd

    Now the domains are going to designedarts.zzz properly.

    Please point me to documentation that explains the meaning of the redirect flags.

    OS CentOS 5.4, ISPConfig 3
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