How does Squid handle bandwidth distribution?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by marklodge, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. marklodge

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    Can squid do 'fair bandwidth sharing' ?
    What i mean is, if there is 1 user online on a 4mg line, that user will be using the entire 4mg line speed, and if there are 2 users online, each user will have 2mg line speed, and so on.
    I have squid cache set up already, but i just need to know how bandwidth distribution/sharing can be handled

    Can squid also be used to limit/disconnect users after they have used up their allotted bandwidth?

    [I have a mikrotik router connected to the adsl (for wireless users)]

    I would really appreciate your comments and help
    Thank you
  2. ajhart

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    The best way that I can think off is to use radius.
    Usermanager (free) witch is mikrotik based or Radiusmanager installed on a linux pc



    After my knowledge squid can only redirect header requests in your pool list and ect but not manipulate a ip address to a certain bandwith speed.
    Here is something to get you going, it's quite simple
    Mikrotik Usermanager
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