How do you monitor your dynamic home IP?

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  1. mattm

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    If you're like me, you run your file/www/ftp/ssh/etc servers at home with standard cable or DSL. Currently, I just periodically check my IP and if it has changed, I modify a DNS record of a URL I have registered for accessing my home servers.

    I'm wondering if someone has devised a script or system that will notify me of my IP changing on my router. Possibly a pearl/php script that can grep the IP out and e-mail it to an address?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mattmarian

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    Hi Matt

    Not sure if you are using Linux or not , ddclient is a great script to use
    it works really well with all sorts of routers and network cards etc.
    I have a sample conf file if you want to see how to configure with a router.
    (tends to work really well with linksys) - if that is too much grief , try checking out the site you go to for updating the dynamic ip - sites like dyndns have lists of scripts/programs etc for most or all platforms. so yes something does exist for you.
    good luck
    from another MattM.
  3. mattm

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    Yes, I use linux servers behind my home WRT54g router. Can you share that conf file with me?
  4. sjau

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    If you use a service like you can use the gethostbyname function in PHP and then compare ip addresses...

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