How Do you make a second Administrator to ISPconfig

Discussion in 'General' started by tmdg, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I had a problem on my system running ISPconfig. The postfix job stoppped. I was away from the office and found out by a phone call from one of my resellers. Now normaly he has root access to the system via sudo. However, he had done some work on his domains and lost his sudo access.

    I really didn't want to give him my root password.

    To solve the problem I was able to give him the ispconfig admin password and from there he could restart the smtp service.

    This made me think how useful it would be to have more than one administrator on the system. Personaly I don't like shared accounts.

    Is there a supported way to do that.

  2. till

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    There is currently function to have more then one admin user.

    You can try to make a copy of the admin user line in the sys_user table and insert it again with a changed username and the doc_id must be set to max(doc_id) + 1 because its a auto increment column. It might work but I've not tested it if all parts of the code use only the perms field to determine if it is a admin user.

    You will have to duplicate the corresponding line in sys_nodes for the admin user record too.
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    I did the following

    Created a new reseller tmdgadmin.
    Then canged teh entry in the table as follows :-
    update sys_user set perms='rwa' where username='tmdgadmin';
    update sys_user set modules='sys,isp,dns,isp_file,isp_fakt,tools,help' where username='tmdgadmin';

    When I log on to ISPConfig with this new user I now get presented with the "Managment" optionin the tool bar. If I select that I get the Managment menu on the left. But Selecting say Server -> Services results in "You do not have the necessary privileges to read or edit this entry."

    Can you point me at teh php that is getting/giving the error so that I can look in to this further.

  4. till

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    This is most likely not a problem in a php script, the permissions of the database records are not correct.

    Your user must be member of the administrator group (add a record to the database table user_groups and change the groupid for the permission record in sys_nodes for the user to allow editing by the admin group.
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    I added the line to user_groups and attempted to fix the sys_nodes. I had moderate success in that I did get to see the services pane however the language was wrong. I feel I'm getting too far in to continue, I really can't afford to screw up a live sytem. So I'm building a test system and will look at testing with that.


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