How do I work with a new website before it is on the internet

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ukiahadultschool, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I have just installed the perfect ubuntu server 10.10 with ispconfig 3, I have created a client and want to ftp to the website and install code. problem is this site is only going to be on the ubuntu server and not published to the internet or network for the time being, just want to get started and look at the virtual site.

    how do I put a url into my browser that allows me to see the site knowing the ip address of the server ? also will this address allow me to ftp to the server to start installing web pages ?
  2. till

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  3. ukiahadultschool

    ukiahadultschool New Member

    Ok did what is recommended but

    Ok I did the edit of the host file, but now when I put any combination into the url I either get nothing or the website on a hosted site for the web page. how do I get to the local web page without going to the internet site. is the web site and the ubuntu server is
  4. till

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    enter the line:

    into the hosts file. As thats a internal IP address, your workstation has to be in the same internal network to access the site. Then make sure that you selected as IP address in the website settings of the site ukiahadultschool.netin ispconfig and that you enabled auto subdomain www.
  5. ukiahadultschool

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    will not let me select ip

    when I look in the website page of ispconfig 3 under ukiahadultschool it has an * and that is the only choice in the ip address.

    how do I enter into that field ? and yes I am on the same subnet
  6. till

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    Ispconfig: System > Server IP
  7. ukiahadultschool

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    Thank You Sooooo Much

    Thank you so much, it is working and I would never have been able to figure this one out.. When I go live with this site then i will have to figure out what to change, but that is a month or so away

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