How do I set up quota if Created several partition

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    (See the last posts of that discussion)

    Dear All,

    I red the manual for miroiring installation.
    On page 43 it explain how to setup quota for / partition.

    But If create /, /usr and /var/www partition.

    How setup quota?
    On 3 partitions as it is explained for /?

    because If I create those 3 partitions, there is no reason to set up quota on /

    Many thank for your explications

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  2. till

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    You will have to install quota on every partition that shall have quota support. The steps are basically the same then the steps described for /, just the path changes in the commands.

    If /tmp is part of / partition, then you might want to setup quota for / as well.
  3. pierrot10

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    Hi Til,

    thank for your contribution to all my questions :eek:)

    regarding the Quota.

    I supposed that the quota setting we have setup during the installation has an inffluance with IspConfig? The Quota are manage by IsConfig, no?
    Then I should only set up quota for /usr and /var/www by modifing the fstab file and runing that command for the 2 partitions
    touch /usr/quota.user /usr/
    chmod 600 /usr/quota.*
    mount -o remount /
    touch /var/www/quota.user /var/www/
    chmod 600 /var/www/quota.*
    mount -o remount /
    Do I have to set quota for tmp??

    Then the quota limit is manage by IspConfig? Am I right

    Thank for your help
  4. pierrot10

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    Hello All,

    I am going to buy the server and ready to setup the IspConfig but I am still hesitating about the Partition structure.

    I just spoke with a friend and he suggest me something insteresting. The I'd like to have your point of view regardin IspConfig aspect.

    I decided two have two servers, 1 Master and one slave and the slave will work as a mirroir of the Master.

    My idea is the following and for this I will appreciate your point of view in orther to avoid somr bug surpise later.

    I think to ave two HD is a good idea.
    1) One of 100G for the OS
    2) One of 2T for the data

    On the First disk (Debian) I will make a standard installation with
    / (Rest) => with Quota
    /swap (2x the RAM)
    /tmp (20G)

    On the second HD of 2T (for data), I created 3 folders
    1) /data/home
    2) /data/var/vmail
    3) /data/var/www
    4) /data/var/lib/mysql

    Then on the first disk, where is installed the OS, in /var/ I create 3 link to the second disk where contain the data. For example
    2) $ln /data/var/vmail vmail
    3) $ln /data/var/www www
    4) $ln /lib/mysql myql

    (I may have to adapt GlusterFS configuration).

    This, is in case I have to reinstall my OS on Disk 1, I can easyly reinstall it without being worried about my data. Then I recreate my link to my second HD

    What do you think?
    Does it will work with 2 server in miroir with IspConfig?

    I have a last question.
    Does the Slave can be a second DNS?
    by Switch or namebay, can I set this as it is:

    Master =>
    Salve =>

    What do you think and what do you recommand me

    Many thank
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  5. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Do you have any idea about that?
    this will help because I am going to order the 2 servers.
    Many thank for your great help

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