How Do I Set Up A USB Drive for Backups?

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    I finally got everything working correct on my server, so now I would like to begin performing backups regularly. I purchased a 160GB USB HDD for this purpose, but I'm having troubles getting it configured properly. There are a lot of great tips here for actually doing the backups, but I can't seem to find anything to help me get the hardware set up!

    I would prefer to just leave the drive powered on all of the time so that it mounts on boot-up, but I'm having a few problems making this work. Can anyone assist?

    Also, my system is able to see the drive if I power it up after I boot....but only after I receive a pop-up message asking if I want to mount the USB drive. I would prefer that it mount automatically when I power it up, and then have an icon appear on my desktop to let me know that it is available. How can I do this?

    Note: I am using SUSE 9.3

    Thanks in advance!

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    How does this work on Debian sqeeuze and/or wheezy ?
    Or is it possible to automount it without extra tools? Some of the links are broken.

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