How do I install mysql instead of mysqli in php 5.6.33?

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  1. S0ft

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    The server was installed following this tutorial

    Then I followed this tutorial and installed php 5.6.33 (additional version)

    I have a script that works only with mysql, how can I configure it to work with that version?​

    The tutorial installs mysqli and not mysql
    What commands should I apply to install mysql?

    This is the php.ini configuration of the tutorial

    This is the php.ini where the script works, to this configuration I want to reach

    Thank you
  2. till

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    You can get all available configure options by using the command:

    ./configure --help

    while you are in the /usr/local/src/php5.6-build/php-5.6.33/ folder. If I remember correctly, the option is named --with-mysql

    A general note, instead of compiling I would use the PHP Debian packages from instead. This guide here is for Debian 8 and 9, but the steps are basically the same for Debian 10 Just take care to install also all PHP packages that you want to use like php5.6-gd php5.6-mysql etc. as described in the comments of the guide.
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  3. S0ft

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    excellent, I just changed --with-mysqli to --with-mysql and it works perfect, thanks

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