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  1. fedora777

    fedora777 New Member

    I tried to install Ispconfig. Everything went fine until I reach the part where it asked me the following:

    please enter URL (www) --- I entered www
    Please enter domain (e.g. -- I entered the FQDN of our nameserver.

    It gave me this response the URL is unreachable!

    So I tried another FQDN which is in the same server. It went through. I chose, http after that by the way.

    Then I tried accessing it, the server is telling me that the page is not found or server cannot connect. :confused:

    How do you install ISPconfig in a virtual host? (Where a few domains already exist in the same server?)

  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    A virtual host is no different from a physical server.

    You must specify an FQDN that is pointing to the server. If there's no such FQDN, you can specify one in /etc/hosts (until you create the FQDN in DNS) or specify the server's ip address instead of the FQDN.
  3. fedora777

    fedora777 New Member


    My server has a FQDN. Everything goes fine until I finish typing the URL.

    Then I cannot access it. The I am getting an avc denial fromSE Linux. Do you have any idea about this?

  4. Leszek

    Leszek Member

    As far as I know You have to disable SELinux. Otherwise You will have problems with running ISPConfig. Refer to the proper "Perfect Setup" tutorial for instructions how to do it.
  5. fedora777

    fedora777 New Member

    Uninstall SElinux?

    Do you mean I have to uninstall Linux? Or are you referring to the security policy of linux?

    If you mean the 2nd question, then my server will be vulnerable. Or can I restore the security after installation?

  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    No, it will not be vulnerable. Please take a look at
  7. fedora777

    fedora777 New Member

    ISPconfig w/out seLinux security

    I saw the instruction for Fedora 9. Maybe I will upgrade my fedora 8 to fedora 9 so I can follow exactly what you did to install ISPconfig.

    Is it okay to configure my DNS server first before installing ISPconfig though?

    I am just wondering if this is another issue that will interfere with ISPconfig installation. You see, I am using the same authorative DNS server to install ISPconfig.

    Thanks again.
  8. martien

    martien New Member

    First way: run:
    and disable selinux.
    Second way:
    service selinux stop
    chkconfig selinux off

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