How do I fix SVN 'Working copy text base is corrupt'?

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    I got this following error when I am trying to check-in and for fixing this error bash script is given below. I just want to know what the bash script does and what is the root cause of the failure. Please help me.
    =======bash script for fixing====================

    set -e

    echo "Error $errcode $errorcode at line ${BASH_LINENO[0]} while executing: $BASH_COMMAND"
    exit $errorcode
    trap usage ERR


    [ -f "$file" ] # must be a file

    url=$(svn info "$file" | grep '^URL' | awk '{print $2}')
    root=$(svn info "$file" | grep '^Working Copy Root' | awk -F':' '{print $2}')
    rev=$(svn info "$file" | grep '^Revision' | awk -F':' '{print $2}')

    name="$(basename $url)"
    dir="$(dirname $url)"

    tmp="$(mktemp -d .tmp.XXX)"

    echo "Doing fresh checkout for: $name"
    echo " URL: $dir"
    echo " dest: $tmp"
    echo " rev: $rev"

    svn co -N -r $rev "$dir" "$tmp" >> /dev/null
    hash=$(cd "$tmp" && sha1sum "$name" | awk '{print $1}')
    corrupt=$(find ${root}/.svn/pristine -name $hash.svn-base)
    svnbase=$(find ${tmp}/.svn/pristine -name $hash.svn-base)

    corrupt_sum=$(md5sum "$corrupt" | awk '{print $1}')
    svnbase_sum=$(md5sum "$svnbase" | awk '{print $1}')

    if [[ "$corrupt_sum" != "$svnbase_sum" ]]
    echo "Fixing .svn-base for $name"
    echo " from: $corrupt_sum (corrupted)"
    echo " to: $svnbase_sum (expected)"
    echo " src: $svnbase"
    echo " dest: $corrupt"
    cp $svnbase $corrupt
    echo "No corruption detected"

    rm -rf "$tmp"

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