How can I recreate /etc/group

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by filipealvarez, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. filipealvarez

    filipealvarez New Member

    Hi all, How can I force ispconfig to recreate /etc/group file?


    [email protected]:~# cat /etc/passwd|nl|tail -n2
    318 web743:x:5391:5149::/var/www/clients/client153/web743:/bin/false
    319 web745:x:5392:5004::/var/www/clients/client2/web745:/bin/false

    [email protected]:~# cat /etc/shadow|nl|tail -n2
    318 web743:!:15139:0:99999:7:::
    319 web745:!:15141:0:99999:7:::

    [email protected]:~# cat /etc/group|nl|tail -n2
    187 client142:x:5130:www-data
    188 sshusers:x:5131:web206,web150,web5,web6,web16,web40,web43,web44,web45,web47,web49,web50,web51,web52,web54,web55,web56,web57,web218,web62,web63,web64,web66,web70,web72,web73,web74,web75,web76,web,web720,web745

    So When i try to start apache, i get the follow error:

    * Starting web server apache2 apache2: bad group name client212

    Please someone help, i'm getting crazy with this =(

    Thank you so much
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    There is no caommand available to recreate all groups. The only way to let ispconfig do this is by removing all website symlinks of the sites were the group is missing (not the ones starting with 000-...) in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled directory. Thne start apache, login to ispconfig and edit a value in every affected website (e.g. increase quota) and click on save. ISPConfig will then write the new website config and create the group again and activate the site.
  3. filipealvarez

    filipealvarez New Member

    Thanks Till, I did your suggestion and now everything is working again :)

    Have a great day!

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