How can I realise 'URL Frames'?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by OdinsChrist, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. OdinsChrist

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    Hi community!

    For my understanding, there's another question.


    I want to get the webalizer statistics with a subdomain i.e.

    My current method of resulotion:

    In ISPConfig there is a way to configure a 'forwarding address record'.

    My trouble:

    But if I use forwarding, my browser shows instead of . I know, that's right, because it's a forward.


    How can I configure it like an 'URL frame' also called 'cloaked url forwarding' to avoid this? Because I want to see only the subdomain instead of the redirection and the subfolder.

    Bye Chriss
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  2. till

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    Create a website and add there a .html page with aframeset inside that loads your stats page.
  3. OdinsChrist

    OdinsChrist New Member


    Hi Till,
    thanks for the fast reply.

    You're one of the developers of ISPConfig, aren't you? Most ISP's provides one of this 'cloaked url forwarding'-options in their CPanel. Maybe it's a nice feature to realise in the next version. Because many users (mostly customers) want options like this but don't know how to do.

    Bye Chris
  4. falko

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