How can I monitor from ISPConfig how much left space the emails got?

Discussion in 'General' started by voltron81, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. voltron81

    voltron81 New Member

    Hello to everybody,
    I'm setting the quota to the emails.
    How can I monitor with ISPConfig the left space that the email got?
    I'm found just the section "mailbox traffic", where I can just see the traffic statistics...
    Am I missing something or is a function that ISPConfig doesn't give to us?

  2. damir

    damir New Member

    That's not implemented yet in ISPConfig 3.
  3. voltron81

    voltron81 New Member

    I hope they will implement it soon... i think it will be a very good feature...

  4. damir

    damir New Member

    You can always check out the roadmap to see when will it be avaible :)
  5. Ventzy

    Ventzy New Member

    If this is still not implemented in ISPConfig, how can I manually get users used space?

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