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    I am a newbie to Chilli & Linux as well but well versed with basics of Linux
    I have setup my own Wifi at my place using

    Free radius
    on CentOS 5.5

    I have Ubquiti router station pro as my wireless router with 24Ghz radio for indoors

    The Setup Looks something like below
    Wireless AP <-----> Server NIC Card2
    Server NIC Card1 <--------> Internet

    chilli spot is assigning dynamic IP' successfully to the AP's which is default IP Pool of Chilli Spot ( & the login page hotspotlogin.cgi is popping up and am able to login with the page successfully

    The ISSUE

    As soon as i Login on one of my laptops and i try to login on my other laptop or my mobile client I dont get the hotspot login page, I am directly connected to the internet and able to surf the internet.

    The Ubquiti router is using OpenWRT firmware and I am not using CHilli spot on RSPRO.

    Any Help & Insight appreciated

    Thanks in advance


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