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  1. Davide

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    In the following example machine:

    what should be "hostname", "hostname -d" and "hostname -f" answers on an ispconfig system?

    My answers are:

    hostname :
    hostname -f: machine
    hostname -d: (nothing)

    and I suspect this is not correct.

    Shouldn't it be

    hostname: machine
    hostname -f:

    Thankyou very much
  2. todvard

    todvard ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    hostname -f should be you Fully Qualified Domain Name (fqdn), eg. host.domain.tld.
    1st question: which distribution are you using
    2. what are the contents of /etc/hosts, /etc/host.conf, /etc/hostname files

    the answers should be:
    hostname: host.domain.tld
    hostname -d: domain.tld
    hostname -f: host.domain.tld

  3. Davide

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    I reversed order in /etc/hosts, from

    x.x.x.x machine


    x.x.x.x machine

    Everything is working now as you suggests

    hostname -f:
    hostname -d:

    Thank you very much

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