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    I have come across a road bump that deals with hostnames.

    Im trying to follow along with the guide on how to set up a fedora 7 server.

    it calls for hostname:

    well I just dont get it.

    I have a registered domain with 1and1:

    what I dont understand is do I have to create a subdomain? is that the wrong domain i should be using? should I be using my isps domain(example:

    what should I do.

    ps. Im behind a router. so my private ip is and my main

    thanks to anyone that can help me.

    im following this guide:
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  2. falko

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    If you want to use something like as your hostname, you must create a DNS record on and for it - these are the authoritative nameservers for your domain (I guess 1&1 has a web interface where you can set up the DNS records).
    But if your server has a dynamic IP address, that is a problem. In that case I'd suggest that you use a domain for the hostname and let your router update the DNS record of the domain whenever the IP address changes.

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