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    i have 4 VPS servers (Virtualmin) (Virtualmin - temporary testing server for a new clients very problematic and old Joomla website and is to be decommissioned) (ISPConfig) (Centos-Webpanel)

    I am going through the following tutorial...

    I note that it says...
    Server Hostname FQDN
    Create a site for your server in ISPConfig panel via Sites > Website > Add new website. Remember! This is your server website and as such it must contain your server fully qualified domain name (FQDN). I will refer to it as `hostname -f` in this guide.

    On my ISPConfig system...

    hostname = server3
    hostname -f =

    My first VPS,, already has a website on it which is used to provide the front end of my hosting business.

    Does this mean that if I wish to setup server3 following the tutorial above, it has to have a website called Or is it supposed to have a website (which i already have on server1) is the same for all the above
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    That is, not
    The way that tutorial set the SSL up, you create a website with name that hostname -f returns.

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