Hostname and /etc/hosts file? not sure

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by GerardNijboer, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. GerardNijboer

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    I am doing the Perfect Setup for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS that can be found on:
    I already set the /etc/hosts file, and just filled in something hoping it would all come together later on.
    But now, at step 11, I need to set up the mail systems, and for that, I need to be sure of the servername.
    The writer of the HOWTO uses,
    Considering the fact that I am the owner of the domain, I think I can use
    But the server is at my home, and has no other devices in its network.
    I set up my /etc/hosts file like this:
    I hope this looks clear to you, any help is welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

    Gerard Nijboer
  2. falko

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    Yes, you can use that hostname, but you should then also create an A record for pointing to your public IP address.

    If you have a dynamic IP address, it's better to get a hostname from and use that one.
  3. GerardNijboer

    GerardNijboer New Member

    Okay, thanks.
    Well, my public IP is always fixed to 80.61.36.XX, so I guess I don't need a record.
    I went to the control panel of my dns provider, and set up an A record to my public IP, and everything works now!
    Thanks Falco.

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