Host that belongs to ISP is blocked on spamlist... need help

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  1. Edek7

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    Since last week host that belongs to my ISP was listed on spamlist. This host is a gateway so all outgoing emails from my private server is not accepted by most of other email servers just because of blocked ISP host that is on e-mail route. My IP isn`t on any rbl spamlist. Is there any way to get rid of that ISP host from email route ? Eg proxy or anything?

    I asking because my Internet Provider isn`t too interested in removing his host from rbl ... I dunno why ...
  2. Norman

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    First of all, this is not a howto related question. You're posting this in the wrong section.

    If their proxy is listed on RBL you have to keep petitioning to your ISP to ask them to contact the RBL blocklist and ask them to remove them from the list.

    Otherwise a solution is to use a proxy from other ISP's. Should be a few ISP's offering mailrelay gateways.
    Often VPN services also allow port25 so you can get your email server on a totally different endpoint with free port 25 that isnt blocked.
  3. Edek7

    Edek7 New Member

    Thank you for your answer. I apologize that my thread is not in right place on this forum but i was not sure about where to post it because it might be a HOW TO question. It was difficult to classify it. Sorry once again and thank you.

    I hope moderators will understand me and my intentions and don`t make any consequences.
  4. gamera

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    If your ISP is not concerned about getting a listing of RBL removed I think its time to find another ISP as they are obviously not monitoring or managing their own network properly.

    Whats even more crazy about it is that just about every customer of theirs would be affected.

    A work around via VPN may work but its not exactly a fix.

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