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    No, not homework *I* have to do... homework/labs for my students to do :D

    I need some ideas for simple lab exercises for the shell scripting portion of the Linux course I teach. Been using the same 4 intro labs for a few years, and I want to change it up some...

    Typically, none of my students have previous Linux experience, but this group of assignments come about half way thru the semester. Also, they typically have no programming background - for the most part, these are networking students working with Cisco, MS, and Novell stuff. All of the Novell stuff is focused on the Novell side, not the Linux host side.

    That said, here are the first intro scripts they write - I'd like to change them up, but I need ideas/suggestions.

    1) Write a script that clears the screen, then displays how much disk space is available and used on mounted filesystems (output of df) and how much RAM is being used and is free (output of free).

    2) Write a script that displays the current date/time in 5 various formats (I assign the formats).

    3) Re-write #2 so that you take a word as an argument (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo) and displays the current date/time in one format (different format for each argument). This introduces workign with arguments and if/then (or a case select) statement.

    4) Write a script that takes one file or directory name as an argument, and tell me if it is a file or a directory, if the user running the script has read access to the file/dir, if the user running the script has write access to the file/dir, and if the user running the script has execute permissions on the file/dir.

    Ideas? Thanks!

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