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  1. deate

    deate New Member

    I'm first asking which is easier: I have 3 computers and would like to set up a home network to share the 1 printer I have. Box1 Ubuntu Ultimate edition1.6 Box2 Windows XP(printer attached) Box3 Ubuntu Ultimate edition 1.7. My first thought was software based possibly SAMBA? would give me access to files on Ubuntu machines from XP machine and print from there? My second thought is that I have a print server that I could add to my router, but don't know how that would work with 2 Linux machines and 1 Win. machine...also, router uses DHCP, would this effect print server?
  2. jjw

    jjw New Member

    If you have a print server (either integrated into a printer or a stand-alone), that would be easier, instead of using a printer attached to a machine, which would always have to be on. DHCP would be given out by the router, but a stand-alone may be set up to start out on a static IP (check your manual), in which case, assuming that IP is on the same subnet, you would just need to make sure no one else is using that IP in your network.
  3. deate

    deate New Member

    I may be in over my head!!! My router is Linksys... The printserver is Linksys, don't have owners manuals, but I'm sure they can be daisychained together ie. Wan to router...cat5 to printserver...cat 5 form printserver to boxes 1..2..3.. printer to print server, just need to figure out how to configure all these connections so I have a connection.
  4. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    why go from printserv box to the pc box

    i would go from like
    wan -> router
    -> print box
    -> PC 1
    -> PC 2
    -> PC 3
    so on

    look at the DHCP pool on your router
    and than pick and IP outside of the pool for the static IP of your printser box
    all linking from the router ( if you got 4 ports )free type of deal
    but thats just me
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  5. deate

    deate New Member

    Ok, I see what you mean(I think) all3 boxes and Printserver Cat5 to 4port router,right? I'm new to this how do I determine DHCP range and assign tcp/ip static? I know how to get into setup for router, but then I get lost
  6. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    type in the IP address of your router into the web browser
    and log in with the admin usernam (admin/admin) by default maybe something else check first ( maybe on the back of the unit itself)

    than there should be like
    DHCP Settings
    or LAN
    just have an look around than its got something like

    it will say like
    Client IP Pool Starting Address
    and pool size
    or starting address and end address
    heres a pic of my two routers |
    left size : is my dynalink wifi router
    right size : WAN : bullion 5100 router

    just look around at the pages /tabs in the router
    is the best way to learn whats in there
  7. deate

    deate New Member

    Thanks so much for the help!:)

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