High swap usage.

Discussion in 'General' started by tonysch, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. tonysch

    tonysch New Member

    Good day all...

    I have a brand new linode, 360 MB of RAM, Ubuntu 9.04 ISCponfig3 perfect server. I have configured 5 websites (basic) in ISCPconfig admin interface. Only small email traffic for one domain (1 mailbox).
    This server is already chewing into my swap and I have memory left. :(
    So just for laughs.. Last night I increased my memory to 450 MB. My swap space is still being sucked up.. (see my free -m below)
    From my research. There should be no reason why my swap is being utilized. Is there some rouge application/service that is slighted on using my swap?

    Any direction would be great...

    free -m
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 450 414 35 0 22 77
    -/+ buffers/cache: 315 134
    Swap: 255 82 173

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    It is not a problem when swap is used if accessing your websites is fast. If you want to check which applications use memory, us ethe command:

    ps aux



    I recommed to have at least 500 MB for a hosting server.
  3. tonysch

    tonysch New Member

    Kind of interesting thought...
    A little over 2 years ago I built my first ISPconfig server running Ubuntu 6.
    I only had 256MB of RAM and 10 websites all with about 3-5 mailboxes, and joomla on each site. My memory usage was almost 100%.
    Since then I have scaled the server back to 3 websites, 2 email accounts and all running the original joomla. Memory usage was down to 60%.

    Up until about 2 weeks ago... I only had to reboot the server every 3-4 months to speed her up. :) After an upgrade of iscponfig my memory usage was pegged and swap was peaking 2-5 hours after a reboot.
    Days of research, troubleshooting and posting got me know where...

    After questioning on this site I purchased a new linode and performed a Ubuntu perfect server 9.04 - ISPConfig3... followed it to the "T".
    Since the install of ISPCfonfig3 and 3 basic websites(just the setup, no content)... The memory is already at 75% and the swap is around 50%.
    I do understand how to determine what apps/services are utilizing memory and how much...
    My question is.. how do I determine what app/service is using SWAP when there is memory available..?

  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig itself is not using nearly any memory. But the spam and antivirus scanners are using a lot more memory in the latest versions which explains why the memory useage goes higher after an ispconfig update as ispconfig updates also clamav and sapmassassin on your server to the latest releases.

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