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    Hi Falko
    Please help me on separating the servers, that is i am wondering if the web server and the ftp server should be on one server machine or separated and all so for the mail server too, i want to group everything under mail onto one server machine. please help me on the best way to do this server separation and grouping. Thank you and God bless you for your wonderfull work you are doing and helping.
  2. falko

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    This depends on what you're trying to achieve. Please provide some more details.
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    Details request

    Hi Falko,
    Thank you for your urgent respond. What i want to do is, i have 5 HP Proliant servers, one is up and running 24online billing server software basing on centOS 5.2 and i want to use the rest of the four for hosting and email's. My problem is how to separate the server softwares on the 4 servers eg. web server and ftp server software on 1 server machine ect. as for the dns server software, i would like to run it on 1 dedicated server. Thank you.

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  4. falko

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    If you want to maintain your web site's files through FTP, the FTP server must be on the same server as the web server (unless you use some kind of shared storage - NFS, iSCSI, ...).
    If oyu want to run your own DNS servers, you need at least two DNS servers on two different IPs (unless someone else is running the slave). Some registrars also require that the second DNS server is not only on a separate IP, but in a totally different network.

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