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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by meomike2000, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. meomike2000

    meomike2000 New Member

    i have my web server up and running, ubuntu 8.01, bind9, apache2.....

    all works pretty well. the problem is with a second web site to the server.

    if you do not type the www in front of the second site it will take you to the first one......

    any ideas on why..........

    thanks mike.......
  2. JimmiJames

    JimmiJames New Member

    DNS record is not properly set, the entire domain and the www should be pointing to your web server.
  3. meomike2000

    meomike2000 New Member

    thanks for the insite.....

    ok, well what i have done is add a second entry into my apache httpd file so that there is one entry for and also one for for each of the domains that the machine hosts. that seems to work but if i still leave out the www in my browser address bar it will go to how can i get that to always go to even if i just type in

    thanks mike.

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