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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by spasal, Mar 10, 2007.

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    I'm new to Linux and ISPConfig. I have followed an article here on hw to setup a linux machine with apache, postfix and ISPConfig. Installation was fine and the web server is running, as well as ISPConfig. However I had some difficulties with the followings;

    1. I added a client 'client1' and later under client1 'site management' tab, I put a new site: hostname as www and domain as All fine and I noticed there was /var/www/ The problem is, I'm configuring the server locally and have not update DNS pointer for with registrar just yet. website at is working on other server, so I wish to update DNS pointer later when I finish uploading and configuring files at this new server. Question: how can I access the content of locally using web browser? returned 404 page.

    2. I noticed that when rebooting the server, the was error "shutting postfix failed". Maillog mention something about host not found ( During server installation, I put as server domain and IP as I know currently DNS pointer not pointing to but to other IP address provided by my current server provider. I wish I can update to point to my server's public IP when the server goes live. Question: is that why postfix not shutting down correctly?

    3. Under ISPConfig > Management > Server > Settings > DNS there are Default NS1 & NS2. How do I get them? I know my co-location provider will provide 8 IP addresses, do I need to pick any 2 of them and put them there? Any configuration/software needed for that? I guess the NS1 & NS2 will be used when adding new sites, so users need to update the domain registrar with new DNS, am I right?

    I'm sorry these all are newbies questions but I have not much knowledge on linux & setting up server, but I wish to learn. Please excuse me if this questions already been asked, I searched the forum already but none found.


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    Please, anyone?

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