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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by, May 10, 2010.

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    hi guys,

    I installed roundcube -0.4 on my server, i created a alias name for it on http://localhost/webmail, but it gives me a 403 error code -> Forbidden, how can i fix this. Please, help me with it!!
  2. CSsab

    CSsab New Member

    Did you already have squirrelmail installed?
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    no, i dont have squiremail installed only roundcube. They are independent from each other.
  4. austingecko

    austingecko New Member

    Did you set up a symboic link to your roundcube install directory?

    ln -s /var/www/webmail/ /path/to/roundcube
    Did you go through the install process after extracting it?

    I would also recommend setting up a subdomain as in to point to for simplicity.

    Post back if you need more help and let us know how the roundcube .4 beta is. I'm currently using the stable 0.3.1 version.
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    no man, it did not work, could you please post the process you did to install yours because no luck to me i always receive a 403- forbiden, and i dont know how to prevent it

    I installed manually and not with the installer which came with it, because is always forbidden, and yes it is rouncube-0.4-beta
  6. austingecko

    austingecko New Member

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