help with PXE imaging system

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    I am trying to setup a PXE imaging system in a Linux environment. I have done it in a windows server environment before but never Linux.

    Can someone give me basic information about the setup. What software and distro to use to make everything work properly. The server will be pushing out Windows 7 and 8 images.
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    Re: help with PXE imaging system...

    Hello everyone,

    I ma looking for the same thing however I need it for a proprietary system, It is an os and it is in bootable ISO form. So I am getting stuck at the menuing, I have it working it shows a menu but when I select form the menu nothing happens. I have actually tried this on both Windows and Linux and failed at each attempt. Any help would be appreciated.

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    PXE System

    I'd have a look at FOG. I've set it up successfully on an Ubuntu 10.04 system before. here is a link

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