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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by xciso, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. xciso

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    Right now i have Win7 in my computer, but i'm now really tierd at win7 so i will format and install Ubuntu 13.04 insted.
    The only thing that i'm really sad of is that i cant run PhotoShop so good at Ubuntu, but that is the only thing i miss with Linux.

    I have 2 harddrives in my computer
    1x 120gb SSD
    1x 750gb HDD

    I have thinked about to do like this
    120gb SSD drive:
    / 30gb
    /swap 8gb (I have 8gb ram, but i think 8gb extra swap can be good)
    /home rest of the SSD drive

    Then my 750gb HDD is NTFS and there i already have partitions like this:
    150gb (was a link for my document, my movies yeah you know windows..)
    50gb for my projects i work with
    500gb for downloads, music, movies, etc

    How should you do the partitions?
    And in what fileformat? NTFS or ext4? I also work from a other computer that is running win7, and i need to read files from the HDD at this computer.

    Should i make own big of hole 750gb drive? or maybe make togerther of 50+150 to one for ext3, and then have one other with 500gb NTFS.

    Please write how YOU should do this best.
  2. xciso

    xciso Member

    70 people checked but no one can answar.
    I think i know how i should do, but i cant decid whats best for swap.
    Swap at HDD or SSD. I know it will swap little faster to SSD but i dont thick it will swap so often.

    Please reply :)
  3. mattmatt

    mattmatt New Member

    There's no right or wrong way to go about this. It's all up to you and what you're using this set up for.

    If it were me:
    Unless this this is for a server or something resource intensive, I wouldn't bother with swap. I haven't used it since RAM went in the GBs, which was what, like 2003? and not had any issues at all.

    As for partitioning /home, I only bother with that if it's for multiple users. So if it's a personal desktop with only one login...meh, I wouldn't bother. It sounds like you're saving your personal files on the 750gb anyway, so keeping /home safe is only protecting your application preferences.

    So I wouldn't partition the SSD at all. And as for the filesystem; Just use the distro recommended, which is probably going to be ext3 or 4.

    As for your HDD; partition it as you want, but use NTFS for the partitions that will be shared with Windows.

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