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    I'm having problems with MX records....

    - I create a new SOA for
    - Then create an MX record:
    - No Name
    - Type: MX
    - Data:
    - Preference: 10
    - TTL: 86400

    If I do a DNS report with something like

    it reports that the MX record is
    (ie MYDNS is somehow joining the name of the server that I put into MyDNSAdmin with the name of the domain???)

    What am I doing wrong???

  2. zcworld

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    i can tell you why u getting part twice

    when you setup your DNS recoard
    you setup "" as the TOP level
    so anything you add to that domain is
    webmail =

    to your problem there
    sorry i dont own an real DNS address
    so i cant help anymore than that simple heads up

    give me 10 mins as well to think bout something as well

    try for the data for the MX record
    put in the IP of the mail server
    see if thats works for you
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    [email protected] New Member

    If I change the MX record to then it reports the MX record as being

    Seems that it just wants to join the data put in the record gets postfixed with the domain name - is this right?

    I've got other services that I use (eg Zone Edit and Yahoo) where I can use an external mail server as my MX record.
  4. falko

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    You must put a dot at the end of the hostname:

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