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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by xciso, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. xciso

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    Hi! I'm going to set up a home server for cloud, video sharing, web projects, but i can't decid which programs I will use.
    I have a VPS which have been serving my webstore, mail server for many years. At that VPS I run Debian (8) and IspConfig, with apache as webserver.

    The server I will set up now will be running 24/7 so I can stream movies to my bedroom, and for clouding images, docs...
    It will also be used for my web projects, but that is not verry needed as I can use my VPS insted.

    OS - Debian 9
    Webserver - Apache or Nginx? I know more about Apache then i do Ngnix, but I have read alot about Ngnix, but I dont know if it will be better?
    Cloud - Nextcloud
    Management - Will IspConfig be good for this or is it overkill? Is Webmin any good? It was very popluar for 15 years ago.
    What is best for file sharing? Will Nextcloud be good for all file sharing, or do I need other programs for that? In my bedroom I have Rpi3, but my childrens have Windows, so it need to work with both MS and Linux.

    Please help me to decid what I will use, and why some is better then another.
  2. sam117

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    Webserver for home use not particularly important. I using more familiar httpd-apache
    For managment webmin is linux configuration tool. Ispconfig more usefull for hosting and multiuser staff. For homeuse each is overkill, maybe webmin more usefull but still too much.
    nextcloud just web interface + webdav + smb-cifs. It's not bad, but its need to be configure right, share must be placed on same host with nextcloud or you need to config external shares for it, webdav parametrs and php caches an so on, drive mapping is more simpler.
  3. ahrasis

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    I think you mainly need an nfs server for your home needs since you already have a vps webserver with ISPConfig for your webstore which can be extended to any web project.

    But if you need more for your web project, of course you can extend your vps ISPConfig server to your home server or another vps server.

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