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  1. spytron

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    Hi all firstly sorry if this is the wrong place ( MOD pls move if so )

    I am a reseller for hostgator and i have noticed on one of my websites that it got hacked by means of:

    r57shell hacked
    a 405.php file which when i went into it showed a hacking script that showed and allowed all the files on the site to be altered and many more :mad:

    I got hostagtor to sort it out and they say its The majority of attacks are directed out outdated software that has not yet been fixed.
    It appears that this material had been uploaded though a vulnerability in one of the installed scripts on your account. this may so bebut my question here really is there a script or software i can upload to the root or what ever of my websites that will alert me via email that a new folder or program has been installed.

    ie if they do it again i will be notified asap as this hack script was loaded in sept so damaged may have been done.

    many thanks
  2. matey

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    we have many unsuccessful attempts. look in your log files auth.log has the intruders IP addresses then use the host.deny file or a program to deny their IP addresses.

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