[help/suggestion] Combine 2 ISP, Debian Lenny Server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by necromancer, Sep 4, 2009.

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    I'm experimenting with Debian Lenny as a server (gateway, proxy, bw limiter, internet connection sharing). From browsing, I managed to make it works, but its only about 20% done.

    Specs :
    - 1 PC as server, Debian Lenny, 3 Network Card
    - 1 PC as client, Windows XP
    - 2 Internet connection

    What I'm trying to ask here is :
    1. How do I make it so on the client side, I only need to set static IP, and use the server IP as gateway & dns but the client still be able to connect to internet ? (the condition now, I have to set the DNS on client exactly the same as what my ISP gave me, otherwise, it won't connect to the internet)
    2. I want to combine the Internet connection, I've heard about load balancing the connection but don't really get how to do it properly. Or is there any alternatives way to do it ? because my second connection is meant to be a backup connection, so it doesn't really need to be "combined" but I want it so if the 1rst ISP down, it switched to the 2nd one automatically, or at least easily (by only setting some config on server maybe..)

    I'm a newbie on the linux world, but I'm willing to learn, an articles or suggestion would be appreciate it, please tell me if I write something wrong or I'm posting it on the wrong forum.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Norman

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    Seems like you're trying to setup an internetgateway. I'd suggest that you set this up with a dedicated router software such as pfsense (based on bsd) which has a nice web-gui . It's good for starters before you start building your own loadbalancing rules in iptables and meddle with routing protocols.

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