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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by nakuribon, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. nakuribon

    nakuribon New Member

    i dont even know where to start with this... first off im running Fedora Core 5, and i set up postfix according to the perfect setup tutorial on this website. following that, i installed ispconfig, and everything seemed to be working fine. i set up my own dns records for my domain ( on my dns server and i changed the dns thingys from the godaddy parked defaults to my dns server, but thats beside the point since it works correctly. the confusion arises when i try to send email from a remote server, like gmail, to my email server. i have a dns A record for pointing to my ip, and an MX record for under the site administration I added a user for email, "[email protected]". the username is web1_nakuribon. i send an email from gmail to [email protected] and it doesn't arrive. even more confusing, it doesnt even show up in /var/log/maillog (where ispconfig keeps the postfix log). however, when i send mail from [email protected] to my gmail account, gmail receives it almost instantly. what's going on and how do i fix it?
  2. Ben

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    Well I was able to send you an email. The only thing that's wrong that TLS transfer does not work because of CN missmatch:

  3. falko

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    Is this your public IP address?
    Did you enable Maildir in ISPConfig under Management -> Server -> Settings -> Email?
  4. nakuribon

    nakuribon New Member

    thanks for the help, yes i do have postfix enabled. i figured out the problem, it was an error in the dns, no one outside my own computer could resolve as for tls, thanx for the heads up, ill try to fix it.

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