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    I have recently installed the ISPconfig on my server. Ir runs a ubuntu 8.04. I have followed the Perfect server installation. Everything was fine in the installation and i got it up and running. However, i did not understand somethings overthere. When i create a website, which ip address i have to put the access) or the actual ip of my server, which is

    Also if i point one domain from, let's say , to my internet ip address it will go to the port 80 and not go to the actual website, which i added to the ispconfig.

    Also, how to setup the DNS server of my server to work as follow:

    IMAP ->
    POP3 ->
    SMTP ->

    if you require more information, please, contact me as soon as possible
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    You will have to use the IP of your server.

    As your server is in a private network, you should use the DNS server of the provider were you ordered the domain name and not the ispconfig DNS server.
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    sorry, but i did not quite understand your answer.

    so i dont have to point the A dns record from my domain name provider to my IP server. But just the nameservers.

    on management -> server -> settings:

    the ip address: is the Router ip, lets say: or my server which lets say:

    the ip list: which ip i have to list.

    when you click on a web site: it appears a list of settings, so which ip do i have to put for this website.

    when i buy a new domain and want to use on this site on my server, so i guess that i have to point to my ip address and than the ispconfig do the job of managing the domain names.

    what about if i dont have a domain, so i guess that i can use a subdomain, like or How to do that?

    Sorry, but i am very new at this subject.

    All i want to do, is open a web design company and host my web sites locally, whitout to worry a hosting plan from somewhere else, also this could be really good to generate a extra cash.
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    You must use for your web sites. You must then configure your server to forward port 80 to

    For your DNS records, you must use your router's public IP address.

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