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    Hi, i new to ISPConfig and also new to DNS stuff. I would like help to set up web sites on my new server, running ubuntu 8.04TLS with ISPConfig 3. The installation was smooth with no errors.

    I have two domain on, which are:
    1-) (This will be the main web site)

    When i installed my server i assigned on it. As you can see on Capture.JPG attachment.

    Then i have my domain set up like that on godaddy, see Capture1.JPG attachment.

    My DNS is set up like that, see Capture2.JPG and Capture3.JPG


    However when i access the site it does not shown anything and give in a error from the browsers.

    Please if a administrator from this forum wish to connect to my server to fix it please email on [email protected]

    Thanks in a advance

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    You must use official IP addresses for DNS and not private IP addreses. Also make sure that your server is the authoritive nameserver for that domain. Currently the nameserver is the authoritive nameserver.

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