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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by protow, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. protow

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    i know you have heard this one a few times.....
    I just got a new server,and they tell me that i have to install stuff myself.
    i need to fig out how to get my site going. the main thing is i need a database and i think i got it but i can not for the life of me get mysql to up expet a backup of my current database file that was created with myphpadmin and mysql. i dont know if this makes any sence to you..hahaha

    here is what i got i just got a server they installed CentOS Linux 5.2 with (i know im cheap) with webmin cp and i just found out that i have to maintain and install everything or that is what i gather from them... i fig out how to upload my stuff to the new server via ftp, the only things i need is how to get my hostname or website name on this server and to get my database on here.. im to the point where im going bald and willing to pay someone to do it for me or at lease walk me thur it..
    thanks for your time on reading this.and for the help if posable
  2. falko

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    Take a look here:

    I think the easiest way would be to follow the "Perfect Server for CentOS 5.2" ( for x86_64 systems and for i386 systems) and then install ISPConfig ( ).

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