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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by teves, Oct 23, 2006.

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    I'm sorry to post one stupid question after another but I can't help it...

    I have read a lot about DNS in the last few weeks but I can't seem to get the overall view. I need some advice rather than explanation, I think.
    In short, I have hired a root server at and have installed the 'perfect Setup (suse 10.1)' and ISPConfig (within the setup you install bind, the dns server). I wish to host a few pages on that server (name-based on one IP).

    So I got my own DNS server already running, but... shall I use it? Or use my ISPs Name servers? What are the advantages/disadvantages.

    Assume I use my own one, what do I have to do to register my nameserver so that all my pages are resolved?

    thank you,
    regards, Tom
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    Well, most ISPs offer only to allow 1 domain to add to their DNS (as far as I know). This means if you want to host more than 1 domain you will have a problem. The solution for this is using your server as dns server.

    Steps you need to do:
    (1) create glue records for your nameserver "domains". At the place you register your "dns-domain" you will need to add (normally) two subdomains as nameserver entries. In my case I use as domain registrar and through their interface I could add nameserver entries:
    both pointing to

    However some tld registars require to have two unique IP addresses for nameservers (e.g. .de and .fr ). Since I have a server with 1 IP I had a problem. I solved it that way that I setup and pointed it (from my domain registrar) to my buddy's server (and he has an according dns entry now).

    In my opinion it used to make sense having redundancy with nameservers but nowadays servers are so cheap and often you get only 1 IP address but you want to host mutliple domains. So if the server is down anyway it doesn't matter at all to have a dns entry on another server... at least this is my humble opinion...

    So basically you setup your domain on your server... you create a dns entry there... make sure that the ns* subs are also listed in there... either directly or by a wildcard entry and then create glue records at your domain registrar.
    Once that is done you can use your nameserver entries with other domains.
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    thank you, that is a great part of what I needed to know. So I need my own DNS Server. Fine with me.
    But I still don't know exactly what to do.
    You say I need to add two subdomains as nameserver entries. That means: at first I only have the IP of my root server. If I need nameservers, I first need to register a domain name on my ip, lets say
    That is where I encounter first problems: when I register my domain name I need to give Nameservers. Do I have to put in my nameserver here alredy? My nameserver subdomain does not exist at that moment, right?!
    Even worse: before I can register my domain name, i need to configure a nameserver entry. I don't understand that at all.
    I need to give my domain name here, then I can choose between:

    - Primary and Secondary Nameserver entry and 3rd Nameserver entry with standard-Zonefile. (you can give the IP of the 3rd Nameserver)
    - only secondary Nameserver entry (you can give the IP of the primary DNS)
    - primary and secondary nameserver entry and 3rd nameserver entry with own zonefile (you can enter your zonefile here)

    So I guess I would take the second choice, give one DNS server of my ISP and my own? I'm really lost!:confused:

    Thank you,
    regards, Tom
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    Ok, in order to operate your own nameserver you need

    (1) register a domain

    (2) at the place where you register your domain you need to add glue records. I registered through DirectNic and the interface looks like this for me:
    There I select create nameserver and then I end up here:
    I don't know what your domain registrar's interface looks like so I cannot really help you there.

    (3) Once you have created the nameserver you select those nameservers to be used with your domain and on your server you actually add the domain to the dns.
    My bind entry looks like this:

    $TTL 86400        IN        SOA (
                            86400 )
    ns3 A
    ns4 A      86400  IN   A
    *   86400  IN   A     86400   IN   MX 10     86400   IN   NS     86400   IN   NS
    Well, that's it. As I have said you can register .com / .net / .org plus a couple of other domains through directnic and you are not forced to use two different IP addresses. The same goes for .ch and .li (Switzerland and Liechtenstein). Only 1 IP is sufficient there. I needed to create two nameserver entries at SWITCH (TLD Registrar for .ch and .li domains) but I could point them both to the same IP.

    However .de and .fr domains do need two different IP adresses. Normally you can get a second IP address from your server provider and point it also to your server. Then you would create another nameserver entry with the new IP and point the domain there - in my case my buddy has also a server so I have no reason to pay for another IP address when I can use his server...
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