Help needed: Ubuntu, postfix, and multiple IPs

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    I've set up a mail server on my vps (Unbunt Hardy H.) with postfix. I'm using the server to send email to my clients' opt-in mailing lists. I've set up postfix and set DNS appropriately (MX and SPF). Mail is sent for a number of lists from one IP address. Bounced mail is piped to a ruby script and processed.

    In the near future I'll be sending mail to the lists of new clients. In order to protect the deliverability success rate I want to protect users of my service
    from any bad apples that might blacklist my IP address. I believe a common method is to deliver mail from a range of IP addresses. Some are shared and some are trusted (long-time users with good stats) etc. If one IP address is blacklisted, affected mail can be sent from another, until the blacklisted IP address is in the green again. Of course the offending list(s) will be permanently removed.

    Can anyone advise me on how this might be setup and managed. Is it simply a case of setting up DNS records for each IP address and then deciding which domain to send a message to at the point of delivery? How should postfix be configured to handle multiple IP addresses? Are there any technical books/tutorials I should read to prepare myself for any possible service growth in the future?

    Any help and advise kindly appreciated.

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