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Discussion in 'General' started by ariciu, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Hi everyone.

    This is the 4th day in a row since I am trying to get ISPConfig working with multiple domains. I have reinstalled my VPS 3 times and installed ISPConfig 2 and a half times so far...and after so many hours spent on this... I still can't figure it out.

    I have hosted websites before with shared hosting and I've read quite a bit on DNS-related topics (though some parts still elude me).

    I've got one domain to work,but the rest do not want to work it seems.
    Thus, I wanted to ask for guidance to a tutorial/forum topic (search didn't really help) that explains how I should host multiple websites with ISPConfig. As a registrar I use . I've tried to follow the GoDaddy how-to, but I can not continue since digging my nameserver: (dig returns no A record with an IP ). I have registered the nameserver(s) trough namecheap's interfaces and also sent them a support ticket.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. till

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    If you have not that much experience, I recommend that you use the nameserver from your registry instaed of running your own nameserver and just use the ispconfig server to run the emails and websites. If you really want to run your own nameserver, you should have two indepandant servers or at least two IP addresses.

    Hosting multiple websites in ISPConfig is easy when you dont run a own dns server. For every webiste, click on new website in the upper menu, enter the domain name and click on save.

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