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Discussion in 'Technical' started by dipeshmehta, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I have posted the same query somewhere else also, but didn't find any reply after 60 hours.

    I have setup OpenVPN to bridge networks as per - Part1

    I have been using Ubuntu 8.04LTS, with plain iptables, no other firewall is there. My linux servers are behind ADSL router (from which I forward appropriate ports to linux servers)

    I have setup at both side as guided into the said howto. The only thing I changed is : instead of using hostname in remote, I have given its IP address. The setup runs fine, and I am able to surf the both networks without having any trouble when internet link on both side is working.

    The problem starts when internet link is down on either side the openvpn link dies (as it should be) but when it becomes available again, openvpn instances do not recognise it anyway, and I need to restart the daemon on both side. I have tried ping 10 / ping-restart 120, ping 100 / ping-restart 1200, and even removing these lines, the problem continues when link is down for a long time.

    Can anybody help me getting out of this.

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    Any errors in your logs?
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    No errors logged.

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