HELP: ispconfig startup issue..need help quickly

Discussion in 'General' started by csharp2a, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. csharp2a

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    I am running centos 4.3 and the latest ispconfig. When I install ispconfig it works fine until I reboot. Once I reboot, the server stops cold when trying to start ispconfig. The server is up so I can login, but I have to remove ispconfig in order to get it to boot properly. When it locks, I have no apache or dhcp so they aparently load after the ispconfig. This very frustrating....I followed the centos / ispconfig howto from this site.
    Any help would be appreciated as I am stuck and need this server running.


  2. till

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    I guess you encrypted your SSL certificates for the ISPConfig server with a apssword andnow the ISPOConfig server wont start when the password is not entered.

    Please create new SSL certificates as described here:

    and make sure you select "n" when you are asked if your certificaes shall be encrypted. This is described in the ISPConfig installation manual.

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