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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DATAJOE, Apr 30, 2009.


    DATAJOE New Member


    I need to hire someone to walk me thru installing IPTABLES on my new
    Linux Virtual Dedicated server. I'm in the Los Angeles area tho remotely
    working is an option.

  2. jimmy1987

    jimmy1987 New Member

    Why don't you just install webmin then?
    With webmin you could configure it webbased in a gui.
  3. falko

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  4. id10t

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    The actual kernel support for 'tables and the iptables binaries should already be installed. Next you'll want an app to configure it, or write your own firewall rules....

    To double check this, see if /sbin/iptables exists...

    For configuring iptables, it depends on what you want to do. Several distros have either a config file (eg. Ubuntu and the ufw stuff) or you can get a plain 'ol script to do it for you.

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